• Wind & Snow Load to meet most codes
  • Made for Heavy Duty Industrial users
  • Economical Pricing for over 15 years
  • Clearspan sizes from 12' wide to 166' wide
  • Free Quotes sent Via Email
  • Built to Your Requirements
  • Fire rated Fabrics Standard
  • Permanent or Temporary Uses
  • Most require No Foundation
  • Wheel Mounting and/or Crane Lifting
  • Engineering Packages Available
  • Installations & Field Tech Services

Our Fabric Structures are designed for heavy duty industrial users. If your application calls for a strong, dependable, military grade, high quality structure, whether your needs are permanent or temporary, then out portable buildings are the right choice for you. Our products are engineered to meet the wind and snow load requirements of most building codes.

Benefits include:

  • No Foundation
  • Clear Span
  • Natural Light
  • Made To Order
  • Fast Installations (installed in a matter of days)
  • Portable / Relocatable
  • Wheel Mounted
  • Crane Lifting
  • Re-Sellable (we will help)
  • Meets Most Building Code Requirements
  • American Made

Fabric Structures for Any
Industrial Application Anywhere

Fabric Structures-USA is a leading supplier of fabric building for a huge variety of industrial uses including Industrial, Warehousing, Construction, Waste Management & Recycling, Government, Marine, Aviation and Wheel Mounted & Crane Liftable.

Our fabric buildings are ideal for temporary or permanent use. Many times they can be installed with no permits or foundations. Our fabric shelters can even be designed with wheel mounting and/or crane lifting, making them a perfect choice if portability is an issue.

We can meet any weather condition regarding wind, snow, cold and heat. We have fabric structures in the deserts of the Middle East and in the extreme cold of Antarctica.

Our buildings can be erected in a matter of days instead of the months it takes for traditional buildings. We all know time saves money and Fabric structures-USA saves you money and time.


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