No matter if you need temporary fabric buildings for construction, concrete curing or a cost-effective fabric warehouse to quickly expand your manufacturing or warehousing facility, Fabric Structures-USA has a permanent and/or temporary warehousing / storage solution for you! We can quickly install 1000s of square feet of storage space in days, no matter where you need it. And your temporary structures can be easily dissembled and relocated to another site for your short- or long-term needs.

Our roots in the fabric structure and fabric shelter industry go back to the mid 1970's with the introduction of small portable shelters to store cars, trucks, small planes, boats, motor homes. These units were some of the first commercially available tensioned fabric shelters on the market. Many of these first shelters are still in service today.

Today we primarily service Fortune 5000 Corporations, manufacturers, the military, all levels of government and others who are looking for cost effective large fabric structures. Our fabric buildings are used for marine painting and sandblasting containment, boat slip covers, temporary or permanent warehousing and storage, construction and concrete curing, and aircraft hangars. Next time you visit your favorite amusement park, if you look around you'll probably find a fabric building. On large construction sites and military installations you'll even find them being used as dining facilities, barracks and more uses whether as temporary or permanent structures for use all year round.

Some companies try to make your needs fit their product, but we make products to meet your specific needs. While many of our customers still need and want smaller, low-cost, temporary shelters, the demand for increasingly larger more sophisticated fabric buildings has grown dramatically over the years. In order to help our customers identify the product best suited to their needs, we offer two separate product lines, Fabric-Structures and Fabric Shelters.

As fabric buildings and fabric warehouses become more widely accepted in main stream architecture and as industries, federal, state and local governmental agencies realize the need to be more cost effective and reuse their resources, in order to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing world, we will be there! Meeting the needs of insightful planners who want to take advantage of the benefits of fabric shelters, fabric buildings and fabric structures, that can be erected and re-erected any time, any where in the world they are needed.