All of our temporary building, fabric structures (including most fabric shelters) can be used in a variety of different industrial applications. For the Construction Industry, we design buildings for you that are relocatable structures which can be moved from project construction site to project construction site, for the Marine Industry, we design our fabric structures to suit your boat covering needs, for the Sports and Recreation Industry we design movable fabric structures which you can be move on wheels or by crane, and the list goes on.

If climate and weather conditions affect the productivity of your business or you need your supplies and equipment on your job site, then a Fabric Structures-USA temporary building could save you thousands of dollars every year with increased productivity.

Not only are our fabric buildings made from some of the highest-quality and strongest American-made materials available, but our tensioned fabric structures can be built to withstand the harshest climates and weather conditions. Also, our fabric structures are easily reconfigured to enlarge or downsize your building structure without many worries. So if you need to store or warehouse construction materials on your job site then our durable fabric structures or our temporary shelters are the perfect choice because they are more cost effective than a permanent steel or block building.

Fabric Structures-USA's fabric structures are perfect for painting and sandblasting containment and can be equipped with environmentally friendly exhaust systems. Our fabric structures are used by some of the world's largest Yacht yards and other maritime painting and sandblasting companies around the world. Boat owners, you can also benefit from Fabric Structures-USA's shelter structures that will protect your boat from the harsh sun and weather conditions. Airports and pilots have also chosen our tensioned fabric structures as hangars for private and small commercial planes. Even NASA uses our fabric buildings.

Fabric Structures-USA's fabric structures are also used as permanent and temporary shelter by some of the world's most popular amusement parks, and at local sports complexes, exhibition halls and other types of fabric building applications.

Our list of uses for our fabric structures and fabric shelters around the world goes on and on. Now you have the chance to add your name to Fabric Structures-USA's growing list of satisfied customers. You can find out more about our quality temporary shelters, aircraft hangars and other portable fabric structures that help with the wide range of industrial applications mentioned above.

Marine Painting & Sandblasting Containment

Poly-Steel pioneered maritime painting & sandblasting containment shelters and structures over 25 years ago. Since that time we've built what is perhaps the tallest width to height fabric structures in the world located at Derecktor Gunnell Yacht yards in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Derecktor yacht yards are recognized as some of the premiere Yacht facilities in the world.

If you are currently doing maritime painting and sandblasting you should contact us today. We can show you ways to increase your productivity, lower your costs, and even generate additional revenues. Ask yourself, "How many days and how many times do I have to stop my operation or worse, have to do the work again, because of inclement weather?" Answer that question and it becomes obvious our solutions can more than pay for themselves many times over in a very short time. Painting and sandblasting containment enclosures are just smart business and good for the environment. Virtually every DER (Department of Environmental Regulation) in the country and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) fully support containing painting and sandblasting operations. Companies that have used our systems have turned stringent government regulators into allies overnight.

Our exhaust systems with down draft chute and water trough separator offers an economical way to remove airborne particles from the interior of the shelter or structure. For more complex, demanding tolerances we work with bag room filter manufacturers to design a system to meet your exact specifications.

Wheel-mounted and crane-liftable containment shelters add flexibility when effective utilization of space is required. All Poly-Shelters and all but the largest Poly-Structures can be designed to be crane lifted and/or wheel mounted. When the wheel-mounting and/or crane-lifting options are chosen these shelters and structures become the most portable buildings, temporary buildings, and relocatable buildings available.

Promet Marine in Providence Rhode Island has this 42'W x 90'L x 39'H wheel-mounted painting and sandblasting containment shelter. The shelter is built in 60'L and 30'L sections, is mounted on "V-Groove "steel wheels, and is tracked. A vessel is brought into position using a travel lift, then set and once the travel lift is moved the shelter encapsulates the vessel. From the pictures you can see the exhaust fan and down draft chute used to remove air borne particle matter during painting and sandblasting operations.

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Boat Slip Covers

Ask any seasoned mariner what is the single most damaging environmental factor to a vessel? Chances are he will say it's "the sun". Fabric Structures- USA has been designing and building boat slip covers for years. Whether you are looking to create a "temporary boat house" on the lake or river or whether you need to protect a mega-yacht on the inter-coastal, we can build a slip cover or boat house to eliminate the single most damaging factor to your vessel's life. Marinas from Maryland to California have found they can increase profits by leasing covered boat slips. Customers are willing to line up and pay more to get into a covered slip because covered boat slips simply are not readily available.

Warehousing & Storage

Is there an industry that does not have peaks in their business? If there is, it is not in the manufacturing, warehousing and/or storage industries. The problem, historically, has been how to economically house raw materials and finished goods during these peaks. Fabric Structures-USA LLC has temporary fabric warehouses as solutions to your warehousing and storage needs. We can deliver you 1000s of square feet of storage space that can be installed in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Temporary storage or permanent storage can be installed as needed, where it is needed, and when it is needed, then can be relocated for an entirely new or different project. During the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Coca Cola found itself in need of product warehousing throughout the Atlanta area. They purchased 18 Fabric Structures and used them at every venue. Additionally, they sponsored a laser show at the $3 Caf� in Buckhead--a show that was staged inside a Fabric Structure. Next time you have a warehousing or storage need take the time to see how Fabric Structures- USA can work for you.

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Construction and Concrete Curing

Covered work shops in remote areas and on new construction sites is normally in short supply. However, Fabric Structures- USA has a solution that many businesses now use on every job site. If your construction site is like most, you will already have standard shipping containers or CONEX boxes on-site. By spreading the containers apart and spanning between the two you create a very economical and portable building / temporary building or work shop. End panels can be made to go on down past the containers, all the way to the ground and fully enclose either one or both ends of your temporary building / portable building or remote work shop. The advantage to this type of configuration is that any tools or equipment can be secured in the containers to prevent loss or damage and then when the project is completed the shelter can be packed into one of the containers and relocated to the next job site or project.

Concrete curing

The concrete industry is one that has, over the years, discovered they can increase productivity and profits by using a Fabric Structure. Pre-stressed concrete producers all over the country use Fabric Structures-USA for curing bed covers. When wheel mounted shelters or wheel mounted structures are utilized the curing bed cover can be moved right along with the operation. If this is your business we don't need to ask if you have ever lost, postponed, re-scheduled, or cancelled a pour due to the weather. Depending on your location, rain alone could cause you to lose 25% or more of the days you pour. There are other parts of the country that are unable to pour because of the cold, but a heated shelter could add weeks if not months to your pouring schedule. Still others are losing man hours to the blazing sun. Jobs that should have been completed stall because of worker fatigue and exhaustion. Whatever your current weather restriction, Fabric Structures- USA can work with you to tailor a solution to meet your needs and increase profitability.

Aircraft Hangars for Aviation

If you are a pilot then you already know there is a shortage of airplane hangars virtually everywhere in the country. Today individual aircraft owners, FBOs, Regional airports, International airports, and even NASA are using Fabric Structures-USA for varied applications including aircraft hangars and airplane hangars to help solve their weather protection needs. Fabric Structures are perfect for all types of airplane hangars and aircraft hangars. One major advantage to using a Fabric Structure is that, in most cases, no foundation is required. Depending on the application, there are many possible benefits associated with no foundation requirements.

As an aircraft owner looking for an airplane hangar, you can rent an open tie-down area, install the hangar, and then remove it when you relocate or no longer have the need. As an FBO operator you can install rentable, covered aircraft hangars on what was once wide open, unprofitable space. As a regional or international airport in today's turbulent times there are virtually endless uses for Fabric Structures in applications ranging from vehicle inspection shelters, luggage inspection shelters, and passenger holding areas to large aircraft hangars and terminals covered in fabric.

No matter what need you have with regards to aviation applications you have an obligation to investigate the many benefits a fabric structure can provide. It is all about money! Whether you want to cut your maintenance expenses or improve your profitability we can show you smart economical ways to achieve your goals.

Recycling & Waste management

Our fabric structures can be made to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state environmental regulations for providing reliable, weather protected storage in every stage of the recycling process. They also reduce ambient temparatures by plus or minus 15 degrees from the surrounding area which makes it easier for your workers to process recyclables on a pick line.

When it comes to waste management there is currently a growing demand for quick, affordable and reliable solutions to comply with the EPA standards for buildings designed to protect our environment from wastewater runoff which could contaminate the surrounding watersheds. Fabric Structures USA is highly experienced in meeting such structural needs quickly and for a lower cost than other steel or brick constructed buildings.

Sports, Recreation and Exhibition

Fabric Structures USA has sold more shelters for more diverse applications than perhaps anyone. We have fabric structures in virtually every major amusement park in Orlando as well as other parks around the country.

We have applications used for basketball complexes, hockey arenas, swimming enclosures, laser light screens, catering facilities, golf cart storage, equestrian facilities, butterfly gardens, dining facilities, day care and camp shelters, exhibition halls, float storage facilities, and numerous back-stage applications. Call to find out why we say "if you need to protect anything, anywhere from the weather� Fabric Structures-USA has the solution".

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