The Benefits of Re-Locatable Temporary Fabric Structures

One of the primary benefits of portable fabric structures is the fact they are re-locatable, which makes them perfect for industrial and commercial applications like temporary warehousing.

Quick Install and Breakdown

Due to their quick install and breakdown features, temporary fabric structures are ideal for increasing your ROI since portable fabric structures can be used repeatedly for different sites while maintaining the protection from the elements you require for your temporary storage building needs.

Wheel Mounts and Crane Liftable

Since many of our portable fabric warehouses and industrial portable structures do not require a permit or reinforced foundation, they are flexible enough to be designed with wheel mounts (for moving to other on-site locations) or the ability to move the entire structure by crane, making them perfect for relocation applications.

Flexibility of Configuration

When your onsite project is complete, your temporary fabric building can be quickly and efficiently disassembled (in less time than it took to build) and then set up at your next location whenever you need it. You also have the option to alter the configuration and remove or add sections to vary the depth of your portable building, as you need. This increases your bottom line by saving your time and money, thus making an investment in Fabric Structures-USA ideal not just for your current project, but also for all future projects.

Leasing and Resale ROI

Temporary fabric buildings are also ideal when leasing land since the fabric structure is portable and can be moved when the lease expires.

Ultimately, temporary fabric structures also have the option to be leased or resold when your project is

complete thus returning a portion of your initial capital outlay and stretching your return on investment.

Experience with Portable Buildings & Shelters

For over 20 years, Fabric Structures-USA has been a leading supplier of high quality re-locatable structures for industrial and commercial shelters and industrial portable buildings and temporary fabric warehouses.

Fabric Structures-USA provides high quality temporary and portable buildings to meet your shelter and storage needs in days instead of weeks and months. The speed of installation and breakdown will save you time and money on all projects. Just look at some of our many satisfied clients to see the versatility of our temporary fabric structures in all sorts of applications and all sorts of climates.

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Temporary Construction Fabric Structures

The construction industry is an industry that is constantly undergoing change. Old projects finish and new projects start but there always seems to be a need for temporary construction site storage. Take a look at our Construction gallery to see some of the many temporary construction fabric structure photos.

Temporary Warehouse Fabric Structures

Does your Company have peaks and valleys in your business. The problem, historically, has been how to economically house raw materials and finished goods during these peaks. We can deliver you 1000s of square feet of storage space that can be installed in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Our Fabric Structures can be disassembled and moved when and where they are needed. Please visit our Warehousing gallery to see examples of how we may be able to solve your temporary warehouse fabric structure needs.

Temporary Government Fabric Structures

Year after year Federal, state and local governments buy more of our Fabric Structures than anyone else does. From portable vehicle inspection structures to temporary airplane hangars to temporary warehousing you would be hard pressed to find a government agency that isn�t using one of our Fabric Structures. Take a look in this gallery to see a variety of temporary government fabric structure ideas.

Temporary Industrial Fabric Structures

Heavy industries have been using our industrial portable structures for over 25 years to add additional storage buildings, and covered fabric structures, for oil and gas exploration, water treatment, toxic waste clean-up and even nuclear power plants. Take a look in our photo gallery to see some of the many applications industrial users like you are using for temporary industrial fabric structures.

Temporary Marine Fabric Structures

Many years ago we pioneered the use of fabric structures in the marine industry. No one anywhere has more structures being used in the marine industry than we do. Whether you are looking to store a small boat or need to cover a large dry dock, we have the knowledge and ability to make your project happen. Take a look in our Marine gallery to see some of our many temporary marine fabric structure photos.

Temporary Aviation Fabric Structures

The most damaging element to any aircraft is the sun. Day after day airplanes sit in the hot sun where their paint, interior and instruments are damaged by the heat and humidity. Today individual aircraft owners, FBOs, Regional Airports, International Airports, temporary military bases and even NASA are using Fabric Structures - USA for a variety of portable building applications including temporary aircraft hangars and temporary airplane shade hangars to help solve their weather protection needs. Take a look at our Aviation gallery to see some of our many temporary aviation hangar photos.

Wheel Mounted & Crane Liftable Relocatable Fabric Structures

No one anywhere has more options when it comes to wheel mounted and crane liftable structures. We practically invented the crane rail mounted fabric structure system. We have some of the largest wheel mounted painting and sandblasting containment structures in the world. Take a moment to view some photos, across a variety of industries, which use our relocatable wheel mounted and crane liftable fabric structures to solve their weather protection needs.