From airports to marinas and construction sites to warehousing, Fabric Structures-USA's temporary fabric structures can be found all over the world. No matter what your product needs are, we can build it. Our fabric buildings can be manufactured to meet the needs of a maritime business that does marine painting and sandblasting or US military that needs airplane shade hangars to protect their sensitive aircraft from harsh weather and climatic changes. Fabric Structures-USA will design and build a temporary structure or fabric building that is best suited to fit your product application while still keeping our standard requirement of providing durable, weather resistant, long term reliable products that are a great value and you will have confidence in for years to come.

Relocatable structures have become more popular during the years with construction and other on-site services. Not only can they protect construction site materials from the elements today but when the project is complete, our relocatable structures can be easily disassembled and then set up at the next site.

You may even see some of our fabric buildings at local parks and other large events. Federal, state and local governmental agencies recognize the fluid and dynamic features of our temporary structures, which help them meet not only today�s needs, but tomorrow's needs also. These fabric buildings and shelters can be erected and re-erected any time, any place, as needed.

Our temporary fabric structures are strong and reliable enough for use in nuclear power plants, oil and gas refineries and water treatment plants. Our relocatable structures can be wheel mounted and crane liftable, giving them the flexibility to be quickly moved as the job demands.

What are Fabric Structures?

Fabric structures are portable fabric buildings or temporary storage building products that are designed to meet the demands created by heavy commercial and industrial requirements. A Fabric Structure ranges in size from 12' to 166' wide by virtually any length. They are generally more complex structures which is why they are designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial, industrial and governmental applications.

Our fabric structures are engineered structures that meet the wind and snow load requirements of most building codes. Typically, fabric structures are offered in wind load ratings from 75 to 120 miles per hour with snow load or live load ratings ranging from 12 to 40 pounds per square foot. Certified engineering calculations and drawings can be available for every fabric structure, although additional charges may apply.

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Fabric structures range in size from 12' to 166' wide by any length. Most fabric buildings up to 150'W generally do not require foundations, making them portable and relocatable. They are perfect for temporary applications yet they are built to be used permanently. Virtually all fabric structures can be designed so they can be wheel mounted and crane lifted, making them the ultimate in portable weather protection.

If you have an application that requires permitting or have an application where portability or environmental loads are of primary concern then a fabric structure is the right product for you. Due to the complexities and nature of these structures automated online pricing and ordering is not available. One of our product specialists will be eager to review your requirements, design a product to fulfill your needs at the best value and provide you with a quote. All you have to do is simply Click Here To ==>Get A Quote.

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Also remember that fabric structures and shelters are ideal when; you are on leased land and you do not wish to improve someone else's property, you need to be able to relocate, or any time you need truly portable weather protection.

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Fabric Structure Features

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Fabric Buildings

Fabric covered buildings by Fabric Structures-USA offers the best solution for anyone needing an open airy environment that is flooded with natural light. Tensioned Fabric Structure is the proper term for a fabric covered building. Fabric covered building needs vary, some times you need a large sophisticated structure while other times you may need a small, low cost, temporary, portable shelter. At Fabric Structures-USA we make both, Fabric Structures and Fabric Shelters.