Fabric Structures USA: Purchasing vs Renting

What Makes More Sense? Purchasing or Renting a Fabric Structure

People interested in a temporary fabric structure often wonder if it makes more sense to rent a fabric shelter instead of purchasing one. After all, since these people will be using a temporary fabric building for a limited time, wouldn't renting make more sense instead of buying?



The cost of renting vs purchasing a fabric structure is usually not that far apart. In some cases,the price is almost identical and can often be more. Fabric shelter companies that rent fabric structures have to recoup the cost of not only setting up the structure, but also of tearing it down and shipping it back to the rental dealer. They also have to cover any wear and tear.

When one rents a temporary fabric structure, you have no sellable asset.

Fabric structures are easily sellable. When a customer is finished using their temporary fabric shelter, Fabric Structures USA will list for FREE the customer's used fabric structure. These fabric buildings usually sell rather quickly.

Customers who sell their fabric structures usually recoup at about 50% of the purchase price, depending on how long they have owned it. A fabric structure customer cannot recoup any of their investment in a fabric shelter rental.

In other words, the real cost of renting a fabric structure usually is about 50% more than renting one! It's why Fabric Structures USA does not offer renting for its customers. Renting fabric structures is simply a very bad deal for our customers.

To find out more about the benefits of purchasing a Fabric Structures USA building over renting, click here to contact us and get your FREE online quote:

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