Fabric Structures USA provides an ideal solution for road salt storage buildings as well as for sand and other aggregate bulk storage.


No other type of structure can be installed and ready to use faster than a fabric salt, sand, or aggregate storage building. They can be erected in hours.

Our fabric structures are all clearspan. Clearspan means the interior is free and clear from all support beams, poles and walls. This spacious interior gives ample room not only for salt, sand, and other aggregate storage, but also plenty of room for all loading equipment and personnel.

Fabric covered bulk storage is an economical choice alternative when one looks at the cost per square foot installed. Also, fabric buildings are a low cost alternative in regards to upkeep and maintenance, no painting and no rust. Also, minimal site preparation work is required and are ideal for ecology block bins coverage.

Fabric structures offer protections from rain, snow, and wind. All of our buildings will meet your local wind and snow load ratings. The salt, sand and other aggregates will be protected.

Fabric shelters have the unique advantage of being portable and easily expandable by the fact they are engineered to make it simple to add length to any structure if ever necessary. Traditional types of structures do not have this advantage.

The interiors of fabric structures can be customized with a wide array of options like lighting, lightening prevention, exhaust systems and additional climate control features.

During daytime operations, the buildings have great natural lighting making it easy on personnel thus saving money on power bills.

Our fabric buildings meet local codes and all the requirements of S.A.L.T.E.D.(Salt Institute's Storage Site Regulations).

Salt Sand and Aggregate Storage

Ecology Block Mounted Sand / Salt Aggregate Storage Structures