If you are in the sandblasting and painting business, you know how important it is be able to provide proper containment. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is requiring containment for all blasting like Black Beauty abrasives, grit, medium and blast containment, Fabric Structures USA provides an ideal solution for your EPA sandblasting containment building requirements.


No other type of sandblasting and painting containment building can be installed and ready to use faster than a fabric sandblasting and painting containment building. They can be erected in hours.

Our fabric structures are all clearspan. Clearspan means the interior is free and clear from all support beams, poles and walls. This spacious interior gives ample room for all of your sandblasting operations. Buildings can be as wide as 166', as high as 75', and as long as you desire. All of our buildings are industrial strength.

Fabric covered sandblasting and painting shelters are an economical choice alternative when one looks at the cost per square foot installed. Also, fabric buildings are a low cost alternative in regards to upkeep and maintenance, no painting and no rust. Also, minimal site preparation work is required (you can even have no foundations), thus saving you thousands.

Fabric structures offer complete protection from rain, snow, and wind. All of our buildings will meet your local wind and snow load ratings. Your operations will be protected.

Fabric shelters have the unique advantage of being portable, can be wheel mounted and crane liftable. Traditional types of buildings do not offer you this advantage.

The interiors of fabric structures come with a ride array of options like lighting, HVAC, flooring, etc. if so desired.

During daytime operations, the buildings have great natural lighting making it comfortable and safe for all of your people while at the same time saving money on power bills.

Painting Containment Building Solution

Sandblasting Containment Building Solution