Fabric Structures USA is your Home of Fully Made in the USA Temporary Fabric Structures!

Why choose a Temporary Fabric Building from Fabric Structures USA?


You can have your own custom, high quality, ready-to-use temporary fabric building up in a matter of days (up to 2,000 square feet per day), not the months required by other types of structures. Want proof? Watch this short video here to see one of our temporary fabric buildings erected in just 30 hours!


Fabric Structures USA buildings are ideal for not only keeping your personnel, equipment, and supplies out of the weather, but also giving you the maximum usable space possible. They are clear span, meaning your shelter will have much more usable space for storage, workspace, and equipment, like forklifts, due to being totally unobstructed from poles, beams, walls, etc. that are often required by metal and block buildings. Additionally, you can custom size your temporary fabric building to any width up to 174 feet, any length whatsoever, and any height up to 75 feet. All of our buildings are industrial strength and will meet your local fire codes, wind and snow load ratings, and other building codes.


You and your people will be very comfortable working in a Fabric Structures USA shelter. Our buildings have natural lighting available which adds to an enjoyable work environment. Our structures also are designed to be naturally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Complete finished interiors with flooring, insulation, HVAC, lighting, and even solar panels are available to meet every tent building requirement.


You are being very economical in considering one of our temporary fabric structures. The time you save in construction means your shelter is being productive much sooner. The natural lighting saves on your power costs during daytime hours. Property taxes can also be much lower than with a traditional building. Our temporary fabric buildings require minimal foundation and site prep work, thus saving you thousands. Often, our shelters don't require you to obtain a building permit. Additionally, if you want to later expand your operations, it's very economical and simple to lengthen the shelter to any length desired quickly, thus minimal downtime. Also, if a portable temporary building is something that makes sense for you, our structures are re-locatable; thus, saving you money and time on new construction. And since your need is for a temporary industrial fabric building, you can re-sell it when your job is complete and recoup much of your original investment.

Temporary Fabric Building Welding Shop

Temporary Fabric Structure used as a Fire Station

Temporary Fabric Structure Workshop