Fabric Structures used to cover pool

Quonset style
Warehouse Fabric Structures with quonset style
Extra Height Quonset style
Warehouse Fabric Structures with roll up 20 foot door each
Modified Quonset style
Aviation Fabric Structures at the sabastian sky dive

Fabric Structures and Temporary Warehouse Technical Specification

Fabric Structures-USA uses only the highest- quality and strength PVC material for our fabric structures, unlike some of our competitors. For the past 25 years we have only used American-made materials to build permanent / temporary structures to exceed our customers’ needs and specifications. Each tensioned fabric structure is constructed from some of the finest architectural fabrics available and meet or exceed NAFPA 701 (large & small scale) and California Fire Marshall requirements. Seams on every fabric structure are radio frequency welded not hot air seamed like you find with many of the low end shelters on the market.

The different weight of PVC materials we use also allows you to choose the right material for your needs. The lightest weight fabric we offer is up to twice has heavy as some of our competitors’ upgraded fabric. Our white translucent 18 oz. PVC is the entry level fabric of choice because it will allow enough light to perform most jobs during daylight hours without the use of electric lights. If you need a heavier, more durable material for your fabric structure, then choose the 22 oz. PVC material. 28 oz. coated PVC fabric is the ultimate architectural fabric. It is the standard fabric on spans of 159 or more. No matter what our customer needs, we will get what they want and build the right tensioned fabric structure.

Fabric specifications

18 oz. PVC
We have used this PVC material for over 25 years. Unlike some of the newer thinner membranes made by foreign manufacturer’s this fabric has stood the test of time. We are proud to over this time tested material and stand behind it 100%. We can fabricate these covers in a multitude of patterns to create visually pleasing systems.

This material is in inventory in translucent white, opaque white, opaque green, and opaque tan. Translucent white allows a warm glow of light into the shelter. Opaque blocks all light from passing through the membrane (the fabric in the upper right on this page is opaque white).

22 oz. PV
This material is an upgrade to the 18 oz. PVC. It is made by the same manufacturer as our 18-oz fabric and the only difference is it is heaver, which means more abrasion resistant. This 22 oz. material is the material of choice where durability is the main priority.

28 oz. PVC
28 oz. PVC is the ultimate structure material. The backbone of this material is the proprietary polyester fiber weave that gives the material 700 lbs./inch grab tensile strength. This is the choice for consumers who demand the highest performance characteristics from their equipment. This is the standard material on our 150 ft. wide and larger spans. We would argue that this fabric is perhaps the finest fabric available today.

Fabric Structures Comparison at A Glance
Type Color Weight Warranty Expected Life Grab Strength
18 oz. PVC White 18 oz. 5 year 10-12 year 315 lbs. Warp
  Green 18 oz. 5 year 10-12 year 315 lbs. Warp
  Beige 18 oz. 5 year 10-12 year 315 lbs. Warp
24 oz. PVC White 24 oz. 8 year 12-15 year 450 lbs. Warp
28 oz. PVC White 28 oz. 10 year 15-20 year 700 lbs. Warp

Fabric Structures technical specifications

Steel Specifications

Allied Steel's galvanized mechanical grade structural steel tubing. The galvanizing process galvanizes both the inside and outside of the tube leaving a smooth, non-abrasive surface which helps extend the life of the cover.

  • 55,000 PSI Galvanized Steel Tubing
  • Hot Dipped inside and outside
  • Maintenance-free life
  • Tube size ranges from 1.66” to 3.5” OD x 11 to 17 gauge
  • Cadmium Plated assembly bolts or Galvanized Grade 5, A-325, or A-307

Fabric Structures are available in three basic styles Quonset, Extra High Quonset and Modified Quonset (see photos on the left)