What are Tensioned Fabric Structures?

Fabric structures offers the best solution for anyone needing an open airy environment that is flooded with natural light. Tensioned Fabric Structure is the proper term for a fabric building.

Fabric building needs vary some people want and need a large sophisticated structures while others need a small, low cost, temporary, portable shelters at Fabric Structures-USA we make both, Fabric Structures.

A Fabric covered building such as a Fabric Structure is engineered and meets the wind and snow load requirements of SBC, UBC and BOCA codes. Wind loads range from 75 to 125MPH with snow loads from 12 to 40PSF. Certified-engineering calculations and drawings are available for every Fabric Structure. Fabric Structures range in clearspan widths from 12' to over 166' by virtually any length. Fabric Structures under 150' wide, do not require footers or foundations.

All Fabric Structures are relocatable, making them perfect for temporary use in areas that require permits or in areas that have environmental loads concerns. If you have ever been inside a fabric covered building you would be amazed, not only is it flooded with natural light but the open airy feeling you get is wonderful. Click through to our website for interior pictures of a fabric covered building.

A fabric covered building can be erected faster than virtually any other type of construction on the market. Smaller sizes can be erected by a crew of two to three people using hand tools and a couple of ladders in as little as a few hours to a day or two. Larger sizes (over 60' wide) may require lifting equipment, a three to five person crew and several days.

As a rule of thumb large Fabric Structures can be assembled at the rate of 2000 square feet per day with a crew of four to five people. Because of their lightweight and ease of assembly, Fabric Structures are perfect for use as instant workshops in remote locations and on construction sites. Think Fabric Structures-USA when you think of a fabric covered building.

Tensioned fabric structures start with metal frames and then a flexible cover is tightened over the frame thus creating a tensioned structure. Incredibly strong fabrics make possible extremely large clear-span structures. Some of the largest stadiums, shopping malls, airports and other large commercial structures are tensioned fabric structures.

There are thousands of Fabric Structures around the world & they require no foundations making them perfect for temporary use. However, once installed a Fabric Structures can remain in use indefinitely. Think Fabric Structures-USA when you think of a fabric building.