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Professional Fabric Building Manufacturer

Fabric Structures-USA is a leading fabric building manufacturer and supplier of temporary buildings including fabric shelters and warehouses for heavy industrial or commercial application.

Our portable structure warehouses are ideal for temporary or permanent use; many require no permit or foundation. Virtually all of our products can be designed for wheel mounting or crane lifting, making them the perfect choice when portability is an issue.

We offer economical, quick, weather protection that can be relocated or reconfigured to meet changing demand. Make your weather protection needs a thing of the past TODAY, with a high quality, low cost portable structure built to your specific needs.


How To Tell If You Need A Fabric Structure or A Fabric Shelter?

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fabric structure benefits vs. fabric shelter benefits


Our Fabric Structures are designed exclusively for heavy duty industrial users. If your application calls for a strong, dependable, military grade, high quality structure, whether your needs are permanent, temporary or portable, then our portable buildings are the right choice for you.

Our products are engineered to meet the wind and snow load requirements of most building codes. Benefits include no foundation, clear span, natural light, fast installations, portable / relocatable including wheel mountable and crane lifting.

Click on any of the pictures below to view our line of products for heavy industrial applications, commercial and harsh environments.

Features of Fabric Structures


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Photo Gallery by Industry

Fabric Structures at Edwards Air Force Base with F22 Fabric Structures with Accordion Door viewed from inside Fabric Structures with Eglin shade hangar Fabric Structures mounted on container Fabric Structures with Joe's boat slips Fabric Structures with mounted ecology block Fabric Structure with pneumatic wheels
Aviation Construction Government Industrial Marine Warehousing Wheel Mounted
& Crane Liftable

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